Moto assistant Plus

Users who support development with monetary donation, will receive as an acknowledgement from author Moto assistant Plus.

What the "Plus" version offers?

  • create a picture with average vehicle consumption (something like picture from spritmonitor.de)
  • display comparising charts for vehicles and drivers (with this you can easily compare vehicles consumption for example)
  • importing of contacts from Outlook application
  • any contact could be saved to Outlook
  • treeview of expenditures/incomes and of ride book
  • What advantages does treeview have?
    • better lucidity
    • any of columns could be hidden by a user
    • you can change columns order simply with mouse
    • you can say which columns will be printed out before printing (in ride book)
    • you can copy/paste records in ride book
    • user-definable color of text for better lucidity
    • better (lucid) format of export
    • faster work with data in comparison with standard view, bacause treeview reads only data that it needs
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