>> How to work with database on network?

If you wish to use Moto assistant in network mode, there has to be Firebird installed on the server (computer with database). You can find an installation file on a download page.

After Firebird installation place a database (moto_assistant.fdb) anywhere you wish to. Then you has to enter a path to a database in Moto assistant settings.

Let's suppose we have database on server named PC1 in "c:\Moto assistant" directory. Then we should enter a path in Moto assistant in this two ways:

\\pc1\c:\Moto assistant\moto_assistant.fdb


pc1:c:\Moto assistant\moto_assistant.fdb

Username and passwords are "sysdba" a "masterkey" by default, but you should change them as soon as possible. For changes you can use an application called GSEC (a part of Firebird installation). GSEC application uses command line mode.
So, change of password you can do this way:

gsec -user <USER> -password <PASSWORD> -database <COMPUTER>:"<PATH TO SECURITY DATABASE>" -modify <USER> -pw <NEWPASSWORD>

for example:

gsec -user sysdba -password masterkey -database pc1:"c:\program files\firebird\firebird_2_1\security2.fdb" -modify sysdba -pw NewPassword.

(you can change it from any computer on network connected to server, but keep in mind there has to be present two important files on that computer: GSEC app and fbclient.dll library (all included in Firebird installation))

There is a lot of information about GSEC application on the internet. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact an author :)
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