Program history

1.5.6 05/10/2017
  • Statistics: Fixed bug with wrongly entered manufacturer consumption
1.5.5 05/10/2017
  • Generally: Fixed bug when app didn't close
  • Refueling: Fixed function for checking suspicious consumptions
1.5.3 26/09/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes
1.5.2 14/06/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes
  • Generally: Added possibility to send report when an error occurs.
1.5.1 20/04/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes
  • Generally: Added "flashdrive" mode (app can work from USB stick, but no app updates are possible)
1.5.0 04/04/2017
  • Generally: Added Fuel management
  • Refueling: Added function Check suspicious consumptions
    (refueling consumptions with deviation from average consumption (deviation can be defined))
  • Generally: Updated displaying of average consumption
  • Refueling: Updated calculating of Shell fidelity points
  • Generally: Bugfixes
1.4.7 27/03/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes
1.4.6 24/02/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes
1.4.5 20/02/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes in app updating
1.4.4 16/02/2017
  • Generally: Bugfixes
1.4.3 20/12/2016
  • Generally: Fixed OS bug with wrong date separator
  • Expenditures/incomes: Fixed displaying bug when bigger font is set in OS
1.4.2 13/12/2016
  • Expenditures: Fixed error with external document
1.4.0 28/07/2016
  • Expenditures: Document can be attached
  • Generally: Added ability to use MPG (US and UK)
  • Log book: Ride book is now Log book
  • Log book: Private/business trips distance is printed out from treeview
  • Generally: Bugfixes
1.3.7 28/04/2011
  • Log book: Minor changes for easier data input
  • Other: In vehicles lists a licence plate can be displayed
  • Other: Bugfixes
1.3.6 26/08/2010
  • Refueling dialog: Dialog doesn't appeared correctly if bigger font size was used in system
1.3.5 20/08/2010
  • Log book: Treeview can be sorted by clicking on a column header (Moto assistant Plus)
  • Expenditures/incomes: Treeview can be sorted by clicking on a column header (Moto assistant Plus)
  • Expenditures: now recurrent expenditures can be entered (could be differed from non-recurring in list/tree view)
  • Refueling log: calculating of passed distance changed
  • Vehicle: tank volume can be now higher than 999
1.3.0 beta 20/02/2010
  • Ride book: treeview added (available in Moto assistant Plus only)
  • Ride book: data checking script has been improved
  • Ride book: generating of recurrent trips added
  • Ride book: fuel quantity in tank can be displayed during adding/editing of a trip
  • Expenditures/incomes: treeview added (available in Moto assistant Plus only)
  • Expenditures/incomes: import is now possible
  • Other: added possibility to replace odometer
  • Office: import (and saving) of contacts from/to Outlooku added (available in Moto assistant Plus only)
  • Generally: lot of bugfixes
1.2.80 19/10/2009
  • Generally: appearance of general dialogs improved
  • Refueling log: fixed bug in mulitple editing mode
  • Ride book: multiple editing is now possible
  • Ride book: data checking script has been improved
  • Generally: minor bugfixes
1.2.71 3/10/2009
  • Ride book: fixed bug in filtering
1.2.70 30.9.2009
  • Ride book: trips for all vehicles can be displayed, independently on vehicle set in main dialog
  • Ride book: fixed bug in data checking script
  • Refueling log: a name of a driver who did refueling can be displayed
  • Vehicles management: fixed bug that appeared if no vehicle was chosen in a main dialog
  • Statistics: brief vehicle report has been added
  • Statistics: drivers history has been added (who and when did refueling/trip)
  • Statistics: total expenditures and incomes for all vehicles are displayed in statistics for all vehicles
1.2.65 16/9/2009
  • Ride book: ride book is displayed in separate window; application remembers Ride book window settings (width, height, visible or not...)
  • Ride book: ride book for any vehicle can be displayed, independently on vehicle set in main dialog
  • CSV Import: fixed bug that occured during import of blank data in records
  • Vehicles management: any cubature can be entered
  • Vehicles management: button for clearing all editboxes has been added
  • Refueling log: Moto assistant remembers sorting of refueling log
  • Vehicles maintenance: the zero odometer value is accepted during import of template
1.2.60 6/8/2009
  • Consumption: consumptions in undetermined refuelings (unknown amount of petrol refueled) can be hidden in a table of refueling records
  • Database maintenance: fixed bug in database maintenance
  • MA agent: some bugfixes
1.2.59 22/7/2009
  • Consumption: changes in calculation
  • Statistics: with user-defined inspections displayed now days left are displayed too
  • Statistics/Charts: specific vehicle statistics and consumption chart can be displayed for a specific fuel type
  • Ride book: route can be searched on internet
  • Trip costs calculation: trip route can be searched on internet
  • Trip costs calculation: distance could be calculated automatically
  • Help: bug fixed in refueling dialog
1.2.45 12/6/2009
  • news can be viewed directly from application
  • trip category added to ride book (private/business trip)
  • you can enter VIN and predeclared consumption by manufacturer to vehicles data
  • possibility to attach up to 3 documents/files to each vehicle (image, archive...)
  • possibility to attach up to 3 documents/files to each refueling record (image, archive...)
  • database maintenance improved (only in local database mode)
  • new items are displayed in vehicle statistics (VIN, engine information...)
  • in mantenance template import an actual date is used (instead of 1st January)
  • fixed database transfer bug
  • fixed bug: in CSV import texts with line-break caused errors
  • lot of bugfixes and improvements
1.2.10 19/5/2009
  • ride book can be filtered, printed and exported
  • new charts added to statistics
  • chart type can be changed in sratistics
  • chart can be saved as JPG picture
  • font type and size can be set for printing
  • database can be backed up in network mode
  • extra version of Moto assistant should download updates for extra version (until now only standard version updates were downloaded)
  • minor bugfixes and improvements

Extra functions (for users that supported program development by a donation):
  • vehicles comparison charts were added to statistics
  • drivers comparison charts were added to statistics
1.2.3 5/5/2009
  • fixed bug in database transfer
1.2.1 4/5/2009
  • fixed bug in creation of a new database
1.2.0 4/5/2009
  • management of drivers/contacts/companies was added
  • program now works on network (you can work with a database via network)
  • tyre change management added (for covered distance on summer/winter tyres calculation)
  • a charset can be set now for database connection
  • you can set which inspections should be displayed in statistics
  • „statistics for all vehicles“ added
  • ride book changes – arrival date, driver, from/to data added and many more...
  • a lot of other changes and bugfixes...
1.1.24 23/3/2009
  • in expenditures/incomes a column with category name can be displayed [user’s request]
  • bugfixes in expenditures/incomes filtering
  • bugfixes in update checking
1.1.22 19/3/2009
  • a language of application and database can be selected before creating a new database
  • Moto assistant asks you for a language if there is no language set in the settings
  • the database can be deleted now
  • some changes in average consumption calculating
  • minor changes in translations
  • minor bugfixes
1.1.20 16/3/2009
  • the first multilanguage version of Moto assistant
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