Detailed program overview

Note: "Kč" is czech currency symbol, for conversion you can use this exchange rate: 1 € = 25 Kč :-)

>> Statistics

Statistics Moto assistant can create statistics for any period you need.
The necessary condition for this is to enter required data about refueling - that means price, filled volume of fuel, odometer reading and date of refueling.

You can also say, what inspections (and their terms/deadlines) you wish to display in statistics. Days left will be displayed too. See paragraph "Maintenance".

Together with statistics for single vehicle Moto assistant can create group statistics (for all vehicles in the database). Group statistics can be exported in a same way as single vehicle statistics. In Excel format, for each vehicle is created separate sheet.

>> Charts

Together with statistics you can comfortably browse through various charts. They can inform you, for example, about consumption, expenditures, fuel price progress, moved distance etc.
The necessary condition for this is to enter required data about refueling, eventually data about expenditures.

Consumption Expenditures Monthly expenditures

In Moto assistant Plus you can use charts for vehicle/drivers comparing. What is Moto assistant Plus?
Vehicles comparison Vehicles comparison Vehicles comparison

>> Expenditures

Moto assistant can also manage other expenditures, not only fuel expenses. These could be for example expenditures for vehicle maintenance, repairing, washing, fines...).
And as in previous cases, Moto assistant can create statistics and charts from this data for you with one click.

In Moto assistant Plus you can use tree view too. What is Moto assistant Plus?
Expenditures Výdaje - stromové zobrazení

>> Incomes

Incomes But not always there are only expenditures. For this reason you have possibilty to enter incomes - completely in a same way, as expenditures.
Except charts and statistics, Moto assistant can also calculate a balance from this data (balance = expenditures - incomes). So you can easily and comfortably find out your balance, without the need to calculate anything.

In Moto assistant Plus you can use tree view too. What is Moto assistant Plus?

Except common charts, you can also let Moto assistant create a monthly charts. These monthly charts can be created for expenditures, incomes and balance. A period (from-to) is user definable.
>> Maintenance

Maintenance If you own a vehicle, you know, there is a need to perform periodic maintenance to keep your vehicle ready-to-operate. Most of people manage their vehicle maintenance by themselves. But then you must watch an odometer and date to don't miss a maintenance deadline.
But you don't have to :-) Why? Because Moto assistant can watch all this events for you and your convenience. Are you asking how?

It's simple - the only thing you have to do is to enter a maintenance data and intervals. Then you can be alerted in time to upcoming deadline of maintenance. You can even set a time horizon, in which you wish to be alerted. It's up to you :-)

Moreover, you don't have to run Moto assisatnt every time your computer has been turned on to find out, if there is any maintenance deadline. You can use Moto assistant agent, he can be started automatically with system and he can alert you to all upcoming events.
Moto assistant (program and agent) can alert you to deadline of following events: maintenance, inspection, first-aid kit expiration.

You can visit a web page with maintenance templates for different vehicles and download the right one for your vehicle. You can create templates too. Please, if you create some, send it to: ma@jcapek.cz.

Inspections in statistics Moto assistant can display inspections and their deadlines directly in vehicle statistics, including days remaining to inspection deadline. You can define what inspections you wish to display in statistics.

All records are printable. When a maintenance list will be printed out, Moto assistant add to printed table extra column called "OK". This you can use for marking checked maintenance issues (it's good in case that you are doing maintenance yourself).
Demonstration of maintenance printing is in following PDF document: Demonstration of maintenance intervals printing (12,5 kB).

>> Ride book

In case you need (or you want) a ride book, Moto assistant can help you. With it you can enter data about destinations (from, over, to) and moreover, you can enter data about driver, data about visited contact (customer/person)...
Program compares entered data with a ride book and with refueling log. Thanks to this, you can simply beware of the most often mistakes (odometer, wrong driver selection...).

In a case you need to find something you can use filter function with a lot of criteria or you can use simple search function. Ride book can be printed and exported (Excel, CSV, HTML). You can search for an entered route on internet, directly from Moto assistant.

Ride book Ride book Ride book

Now you can use treeview in ride book. What advantages does it have?

  • you can change columns order simply with mouse
  • any of columns could be hidden by a user
  • you can say which columns will be printed out before printing
  • you can cop/paste records
  • better (lucid) view
  • better (lucid) format of export
  • faster work with data in comparison with standard view, bacause treeview reads only data that it needs
  • user-definable color of text for better lucidity
Tree view is available in Plus version. What is Moto assistant Plus?

>> Simple drivers/contacts/companies management

Moto assistant disposes with simple management of drivers, contacts and companies. You can use that data in refueling log (who did refueling) or in ride book (who drove car, which customer was visited).
Thanks to this you know everything you need about rides that were executed.

In Moto assistant Plus contacts can be directly imported from Outlook application. What is Moto assistant Plus?

>> Attached documents
You can attach to every refueling record up to 3 different documents, photo of bill for example.
Attached documents Attached documents will become part of database, sou you have everything in one place. You have possibilty to view, delete them or save them to your HDD anytime you wish to.

You can attach up to 3 documents to vehicle data to save your vehicle photo or photo of your vehicle's registration book for example.

You can view attached documents to refueling record directly from a main window.

UpozorneniPlease, keep in mind attached documents directly increase database size.
>> Trip costs calculation
In case you need to find out how much expensive will be your trip, Moto assistant have simple trip costs calculation. The only data you've to enter are destinations you want to travel from and to, number of passengers and additionally other expenditures. Route length calculation If you enter travel destinations (from, to), Moto assistant can calculate route length for you automatically.
If you need detailed overview about trip, Moto assistant can search a route on internet on Google maps with one click.

UpozorneniGoogle is used for automatic route length calculation. So you need functional internet connection for this function to work.
>> Notes

Notes can be used for other non-important data (date of change of lightbulb...).
You won't be alerted to this events. You can do only searching in notes.

>> Fidelity points

Fidelity points are a specific kind of acknowledgement to a customer for using petrol stations of concrete company.
For example, if you do refueling on a Shell patrol station, you'll receive SMART points. This points can be then changed for some stuff (depends on number of points).

Moto assistant can compute (at this time) only fidelity points of Shell company.
If you set you want to compute fidelity points (in Settings > Refueling), then on adding refueling record Moto assistant will compute corresponding number of points according to entered data (date, fuel volume, fuel type).
More informations on: https://www.shellsmart.com/smart/index.htm.

You can also enter number of points manually, of course.

>> Utilities

Moto assistant offers some useful utilities, like Alcoholmeter for blood alcohol level computing.

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